How to Get a Paid Summer Internship Abroad in 2022 (2023)

How to Get a Paid Summer Internship Abroad in 2022 (1)

Internships Abroad

Learn how to spend your summer combining experiential learning with life-changing travel through a paid internship abroad.

How to Get a Paid Summer Internship Abroad in 2022 (2)

By Colin Murchison

Published December 20, 2021

How to Get a Paid Summer Internship Abroad in 2022 (3)

International internships are one of the best ways to gain skills in the field of your choice, and international placements make it easy for you to gather experience from world-class organizations. In addition to the work experience, going overseas is a great way to learn other valuable skills from stepping outside your comfort zone.

If you’re interested in combining travel with on-the-job experience this summer, here is your comprehensive guide to finding the international internship of your dreams.

What are the advantages of interning abroad?

How to Get a Paid Summer Internship Abroad in 2022 (4)

An internship is an opportunity to gain real-world work experience and try out a potential career field without committing fully to it. Traveling overseas provides a culturally immersive experience that will push you to become more independent, grow your perspective, and challenge your preconceived notions.

Interning abroad allows you to combine the benefits of on-the-job work experience with an immersive travel experience. Additionally, it will boost your resume. According to Diversity Abroad, interning abroad will differentiate your resume from other candidates by developing desired skills in a global environment and establishing you have completed a cross-cultural experience.

What are the advantages of a summer internship?

How to Get a Paid Summer Internship Abroad in 2022 (5)

Summer internships are most popular among current university students, as the work won't interfere with classes. Additionally, summer internships tend to be between 10 to 12 weeks. Due to the shorter timeframe, summer internships likely won't be filled with busy work, so your assigned tasks will be highly relevant and valuable for your learning experience.

Interning abroad during the summer allows you to fit in leisure travel before or after the internship begins without interfering with your coursework. Since you'll already be overseas, it's much easier and cheaper to quickly hop on a bus, train, or plane and experience more places than just the city your internship is in. Also, you won't be consumed with homework or studying during the weekends, allowing you to spend that time growing a newfound friendship group in your home abroad.

Interning abroad is a wonderful networking opportunity. You will make personal and professional connections that will last long past the summer. Be sure to stay connected with these contacts by adding them on LinkedIn or other various social networks. You never know when they'll come in handy!

How to find a paid internship abroad

How to Get a Paid Summer Internship Abroad in 2022 (6)

Finding an internship can be an intimidating task, and finding one abroad is an even more significant challenge. There are a few basic steps you should take before applying. To begin, ask yourself the following questions:

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  • What industry will give you the most relevant work experience?
  • What countries have a need or job market for that type of work?
  • Do you speak another language, and do you want to intern in English or that language?
  • What countries can you receive a visa to participate in an internship legally?

Once you have narrowed down the internship type and countries that fit your goals and capabilities, it's time to button up your resume and prepare to start applying.

How to apply for internships abroad

There are two general paths to finding a paid summer internship abroad. The first is to go through a program provider, who will assist you through the entire process, from placing you with an organization to helping navigate the visa application, to helping ensure you have a safe and successful experience. Some providers may offer their own internship programs, or they may be a conduit between you and the host organization.

There are distinct benefits of interning abroad through a program provider, including the expert knowledge and support system they will provide you before, during, and directly after the internship. Your provider may also help you earn university credit for your internship. That said, all of this comes at a cost. Program providers charge a fee for their services, both for paid and unpaid internships.

Note: Qualified candidates may be able to find scholarships or financial aid for interning abroad.

Many young adults will benefit significantly from the assistance and support program providers offer. That said, highly experienced travelers willing to forgo the expertise offered by program providers may want to apply directly with international organizations.

Applying directly will require more front-end work. Instead of a provider placing you with an organization, you will need to do all the research yourself, including qualifications, visas, housing, and transportation. You will also be competing with all the other candidates applying for the internship. Those taking this route will need to understand the requirements for interning in the country they're applying in and have some local knowledge to have the best chance of landing an internship.

There is the obvious cost-benefit of applying directly to internships with organizations overseas. Additionally, directly applying is a good route for those trying to enter the hiring pipeline for highly competitive corporations. Internships often conclude with full-time job offers for high-performing interns.

Popular summer internship program providers:

4 reviews

Global Experiences Internships in Madrid, Spain

55 reviews

International Internships in Madrid with The Intern Group
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134 reviews

Global Experiences Internships in London, England

Popular companies that offer paid summer internships abroad:

  • Adobe Research hires graduate students to "collaborate on state-of-the-art technologies." In summer 2022, they are hiring interns in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK
  • Google hires interns in software engineering, UX, product management, and other technology-related fields. Internships are available in the UK, France, Switzerland, Ireland, and South Korea
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. hires student interns for finance, leadership development, banking, and other finance roles in the USA, Mainland China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, Bahrain, Japan, Germany, and the Philippines
  • Apple offers various internships to both undergraduates and postgraduate students in China, Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Austria, Spain, and the US
  • Tesla offers internships and apprenticeships in engineering, sales, visual design, business development, and many other categories in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and the US

When to apply for summer internships abroad

Since the application and visa process can take some time, it is important to apply well ahead of time for your summer internship. You should start your research four to six months before the start date and begin applying for open positions two to three months beforehand. Expect to spend time during the spring participating in interviews. Once you have an offer, start your visa process immediately.

Qualifications for summer internships abroad

The great thing about internships is that you're expected not to have much industry experience. An internship is an educational experience, and while you may get paid, the real value is experiential learning.

That said, you may need to be enrolled in a relevant university program, especially if you're applying directly with international organizations. Other qualifications may include:

  • The ability to speak the language (if not an English-speaking internship)
  • No criminal history
  • The ability to pass a health screening

Program providers may also require you to carry travel or health insurance that will cover you while overseas.

What are the best destinations for a paid internship abroad?

Go Overseas tracks trends in the travel industry. One way we do so is by paying attention to what our community members are adding to their wish list. During 2021, Go Overseas community members wish listed internship programs across the globe, with China, England, Spain, and Australia being the most popular destinations throughout the year.

How to Get a Paid Summer Internship Abroad in 2022 (10)

To take it a step further, we also follow what countries have the most internship programs offered by providers and use this information combined with our industry knowledge to choose the best countries to intern abroad and the best cities to intern abroad in 2022.

While these destinations may be the most desirable for most prospective interns, that doesn't mean they're the best for you. We encourage candidates to take on new challenges and find the program that best fits their goals.


Get experience, get paid!

How to Get a Paid Summer Internship Abroad in 2022 (11)

Paid internships give you the opportunity for a hands-on experience that can’t be found in a classroom. Through international internships, you’ll have the chance to see your field with a global perspective, learn from experts, and enjoy new and exciting experiences as you adapt to life abroad and immerse yourself in another culture. Put your summer to work this year and gain skills that will stay with you no matter where you go.

Once you've completed your summer internship, don't forget to put it on your resume!

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How do I get an internship overseas? ›

There are a number of ways to find internships abroad:
  1. Contact your school's designated study abroad or academic advisory office.
  2. Book through placement providers.
  3. Apply for internships directly on a company website.
  4. Search online job boards with an internship filter.

Is it easy to get an internship abroad? ›

Finding an internship abroad is not easy, but often easier than you think. If you already have a general idea of which companies you might want to work for, you could check what internship positions they are offering overseas. For this, make sure to have a look at the other countries' recruitment sites.

Do you get paid for internships abroad? ›

Find a paid internship abroad

A lot of internships now pay almost the same as an entry-level full-time job. Others will go so far as to cover all your expenses – including travel, rent, commute costs, and living expenses – in addition to paying you a full salary.

How do you increase your chances of getting an internship? ›

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a College Internship
  1. Leverage Your Existing Network. One of the most effective ways to get any position is to have a personal referral. ...
  2. Don't Be Afraid to Cold Call. ...
  3. Set Up Informational Interviews. ...
  4. Don't Give Up.
6 Jan 2022

Do International internships look good on a resume? ›

Your future employers want to know that you will work well with a diverse team and that you have a sense of culture. Updating your resume after an internship abroad is a must. You don't want to hide any of those international experiences.

Is it good to do an internship abroad? ›

Since a large majority of students now complete internships during their degrees, having experience working abroad will help to set you apart from the rest of the competition. Interning in another country gives you skills in a foreign job market and this is something employers find highly impressive.

How do I get an internship at Google? ›

How to Get an Internship at Google: 5 Simple Steps to Follow
  1. Tailor your CV/résumé Tailoring your CV or résumé begins with you creating a list of everything you have accomplished in your educational and professional life. ...
  2. Form connections. ...
  3. Send your application. ...
  4. Prepare for the phone interview. ...
  5. Clean up your social media.
7 Dec 2021

Can I do an internship in the UK? ›

Many internship opportunities are offered to international students around the world, but the United Kingdom offers some of the very best; a UK internship looks great to potential employers and living in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland is an incredible cultural experience.

How can I get internship in USA from India? ›

You can look for internships in USA for international students through your university or college.
Some websites which can be used to find internships in the USA are:
  1. LinkedIn.
  2. Go Overseas.
  3. Dream Careers.
  4. Fulbright Program.
  5. Indeed.
27 Jun 2022

How do interns get paid? ›

You'll notice that many internships opt to pay an hourly wage or salary. But you might also find some that pay weekly or monthly stipends. The average hourly wage of an intern tends to fall between $15.67 and $19.51 for freshmen and seniors in college, respectively.

How do I get a work placement abroad? ›

Ask your home university

Your uni will have already have contacts with particular companies who recruit year abroad students. Take time to apply to some of their opportunities, as the process will be a lot easier if they're already familiar with the Learning/Training Agreement they will have to sign.

Is go overseas legit? ›

Founded in 2009 by seasoned travelers, GO Overseas is one of the world's leading travel websites whose mission is “to empower human connection through perspective-changing travel.” GO Overseas features more than 35,000 reviews and photos, 100,000 community members , 2,500 articles and offers more than 500K$ in travel ...

What to say to get an internship? ›

State that you would like to apply for an internship for a particular time frame, ask about the process, and quickly relay relevant experience. If you know someone who works at the company, you can also briefly mention them as a connection.

How do I stand out in an internship application? ›

Applying for Internships? 5 Tips to Stand Out From the Pack
  1. Boost Your Online Presence with a Personal Website. ...
  2. Highlight the Right Experience on Your Resume. ...
  3. Expand Your Network. ...
  4. Embrace the Informational Interview. ...
  5. Seek Out Feedback.
26 May 2021

Is it difficult to get a Google internship? ›

The company receives millions of applications every school year. So, needless to say, becoming a Googler is no easy feat. But, how do you get an internship at Google?

Why do you want to go to USA for internship training? ›

An internship or training program in the United States will: make you a better student and employee. cultivate your entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. foster skills that are highly prized by employers across the globe.

What are the benefits of the international internship program to the interns? ›

There are many differences between international and domestic internships, but here are some reasons why international internships offer you so much more:
  • It Gets You Outside Of Your Comfort Zone. ...
  • Expands Your Global Networking. ...
  • It Grows Your Global Understanding. ...
  • It's Exciting. ...
  • Destinations.
5 May 2022

What does it mean to intern abroad? ›

Being an intern abroad means gaining practical, hands-on experience at an international company or organization while still having all the fun adventures—and not to mention college credit—afforded during a study abroad program.

Can I do my medical internship in another country? ›

You can do your medical internship abroad in a hospital, medical centre or in care homes in a huge number of developing countries around the world. You'll work with local staff to learn new skills while observing trained professionals.

What does international internship mean? ›

According to William Nolting and his team at NAFSA, an international internship is defined as: “A short-term (one month to one year) work experience with an organization abroad that allows participants to apply theoretical classroom knowledge in a real-world setting, and gain a better understanding of a given field in ...

How do I get an internship at Google? ›

How to Get an Internship at Google: 5 Simple Steps to Follow
  1. Tailor your CV/résumé Tailoring your CV or résumé begins with you creating a list of everything you have accomplished in your educational and professional life. ...
  2. Form connections. ...
  3. Send your application. ...
  4. Prepare for the phone interview. ...
  5. Clean up your social media.
7 Dec 2021

What does internship abroad mean? ›

An internship abroad is an opportunity for students and graduates to gain international work experience in their chosen field. These programs typically last for 3 to 12 months and allow participants to learn new skills and build their professional networks.


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