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Deeply Practical Project Management (Earn 16 PDUs) - (3) Deeply Practical Project Management (Earn 16 PDUs)

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Deeply Practical Project Management (Earn 16 PDUs)
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Created by: William Stewart PhD, PMP

How to implement the PMIŽ project management best practices in the simplest, most deeply practical way.
What you'll learn

How to get stakeholder buy-in and senior management support at the beginning of your project, and maintain it throughout.
The three fundamental messages of the PM triple constraint, how they inter-relate, and how they affect risk.
How to plan your project VERY efficiently, so you know the scope, schedule, budget, and risks before you start.
How to manage the top three drivers of project success to solve most of the problems on most projects.
The critical importance of the project requirements, with best practices for documentation, review, and approval.
How to build the work breakdown structure (WBS), your scope baseline, and when to break it down further.
Why the precedence diagram is your most important tool for planning and managing your project.
How to estimate the project resources, material, services, time, and cost, and handle estimating error.
Why the critical path means schedule is more important than cost, with a step by step animated example.
The key criteria for deciding whether to build or buy, and the best type of contract and award procedures.
How to prepare and brief the project plan, provide options to meet the triple constraint, and stay truthful.
How to build the project team, key hiring criteria, delegation, motivation, and resolution of personnel conflicts.
How to manage scope so you find the things inevitably missed, but don't make it so good that it just blows up.
How to manage the critical path to focus on the most important items without getting bogged down in the weeds.
How to manage the budget and its key drivers to obtain the best cost performance possible.
How to identify the risks, mitigate them as early as possible, and stay within the risk budget.
The two most effective things you can do to manage quality and ensure the customer is happy with the project result.
How to use earned value management (EVM) to project cost and schedule performance objectively.
How to communicate constructively with the stakeholders about the project status, and obtain their assistance when needed.
How to use scenario based verification to ensure customer satisfaction with the project result.
How to conduct lessons learned events to find out what did not go well and did go well, and easily gather them as you go.
How to close your project team to ensure everyone is treated fairly and free to proceed to their next challenge.
How to use the key software tools to support the project management life-cycle - WBS, precedence diagram, and Gantt chart.
Six practice quizzes, get copies of nine key project management document templates and six summary checklists, and earn 16 PDU's.
Get recommendations for free open source software to support the project management process.
Gain a deeply practical understanding of the PMI project management best practices for those that wish to obtain a PMP certification.


No prior knowledge needed - covers the project management process from end to end, while providing a wealth of practical tips for those already experienced in project management.


"Everything should be made as simple as possible. But no simpler." - Albert Einstein

*** Now includes a complete set of realistic, professional documentation for the project Magical Devices Version 3, including a Project Charter, Project Management Plan, and a document describing how to use Microsoft Office to prepare planning documentation. ***

Complexity is the main challenge in project management. Therefore the PM processes must be simple, and deeply practical. Based on 25 years experience managing projects from $250K to $55M, and experience in senior management roles on projects up to $3B, this course provides a deeply practical description of how to use the proven Project Management Institute (PMIŽ) best practices to help you manage your projects of any size, from any domain.

First an overview is provided of all the key project management concepts, and the critically important role of the Project Manager is explained. Then the project management processes are mapped across the time-line, and the specific actions you need to take and documentation you need to prepare at each step are explained in an easy to follow thread. The use of software tools to support the process is described. The course is end-to-end, divided into more than 200 bite size videos of just a few minutes long, and easy to understand.

If you have a project you need to manage right now, are pursuing a PMP or CAPM certification, or just wish to get a solid grounding in deeply practical application of the standard project management best practices, this course will really help. You will also earn 16 Professional Development Units (PDU's) - 9 Technical, 4 Leadership, 3 Strategic.


William Stewart is a Project Management Institute certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who has managed projects for more than 25 years using the PMI processes. He has delivered more than 200 onsite project management courses to more than 2,000 people. He has worked for aerospace, government, academia, and founded a software startup. He has in-depth experience with project management, risk management, systems integration, and software engineering. He earned a Ph.D. in computer science for discovery of an algorithm that builds multi-dimensional geodesic domes in optimum space and time.

Student Testimonials:

"The PMBOK applied in an easy to use fashion. A lot of insider knowledge." - C. Newton.

"Did a phenomenal job in relating the real world experiences with the PM models and theories." - N. Anjaria.

"Direct and to the point. Help sort the fact from the fluff." - M. Griffin.

"Content was very useful for my current job. I can immediately apply the tools." - J. Seguin.

"Vast amount of actual experience to draw from." - J. Anderson.

"What I enjoyed most about the course was all the practical information that I could easily incorporate into my work activities." - S. Rebeiro.

"Explained PM theories that I previously never clearly understood. Thanks for giving me the 'light bulb'." - L. Slot.

"Excellent course that exceeded my expectations. Liked the real-life examples. Easy to understand." - P. Trethewey.

"Eye opening for my own job and for the levels above me which I aspire to reach in my career development path." - S. Narasimhan.

"In over twenty years this was probably the most relevant course I've taken." - R. Gaudet.

Who this course is for:

Those that need to manage projects, and want a deeply practical description of how to use the project management best practices across the life-cycle.
Anyone involved in projects that wants to understand the practical essentials of the project management process.


Deeply Practical Project Management (Earn 16 PDUs) - (7)

Treść widoczna tylko dla użytkowników forum się lub załóż darmowe konto aby otrzymać dostęp do niewidocznej treści.

Treść widoczna tylko dla użytkowników forum się lub załóż darmowe konto aby otrzymać dostęp do niewidocznej treści.


What is the easiest way to earn PDUs for PMP? ›

12 Easy Ways to Earn PDUs for PMP® Recertification
  1. Your Day Job (PDU Category F)
  2. Take a Quiz! ( ...
  3. Volunteer Service (PDU Category E)
  4. PDUs That Go Wherever You Go (PDU Category A)
  5. Get free PDUs just for listening (PDU Category C)
  6. Watch a Movie (PDU Category A)
  7. Formal Academic Training (PDU Category B)

How do I get PDUs fast? ›

13 ways to earn PDUs
  1. Work as a project manager. ...
  2. Volunteer at a project management association. ...
  3. Listen to project management podcasts. ...
  4. Study project management materials. ...
  5. Complete a training course. ...
  6. Write a book or article. ...
  7. Read books about project management. ...
  8. Watch project management videos.
23 Nov 2021

Can udemy courses be used for PDUs? ›

If you have completed a Udemy course or any other online course, you can claim your PDUs under “Education – Online or Digital Media” category. If you are submitting yourPDUs online, then click on “Online or Digital Media” link. This will open a form to complete for this training.

How is PDU calculated? ›

PDUs are calculated by the hour. One PDU equals one hour of professional development, and you can earn them in fractions of 0.25 of a PDU . For CAPM holders, that equals 15 hours of continuous professional development time over 3 years (or 5 years if you took your exam on or before 30 September 2020).

How many PDUs Can I claim for working as a project manager? ›

You can earn up to 8 PDUs per cycle by working as a practitioner, such as a project manager, project coordinator, project procurement manager, etc. Make sure that you have an up-to-date and detailed job description that verifies your activities and responsibilities, in the event that it is requested by the PMI.

Do Webinars count for PDUs? ›

Webinars from an ATP are an easy way to earn PDUs and stay current in today's project management trends. PMP credential holders can use webinars to explore related content for other areas like Agile, which may lead them to other PMI certifications like the PMI Agile Certificated Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®.

How many PDU do I need to renew PMP? ›

For example: To renew your Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, you'll need to earn 60 PDUs per 3-year cycle. Visit the Requirements page for more information. Enter your PDUs in the online CCR system (CCRS). Pay the renewal fee.

How do I get 35 PDUs for PMP? ›

6 Ways to Earn 35 PDUs or Contact Hours for PMP Exam - YouTube

How many PDUs Can I claim for sharing knowledge? ›

First, mentoring is part of "Giving Back to the Profession", and you can claim a maximum of 25 PDUs in this area. Second, as with any other qualifying activity, you can claim 1 PDU for each hour that you spent mentoring others. There is, however, one additional consideration, and that is "Documentation".

How many PDUs Can I claim for sharing knowledge? ›

First, mentoring is part of "Giving Back to the Profession", and you can claim a maximum of 25 PDUs in this area. Second, as with any other qualifying activity, you can claim 1 PDU for each hour that you spent mentoring others. There is, however, one additional consideration, and that is "Documentation".

How many PDUs do you need to read a book? ›

Read Books

Each hour of reading equals one PDU, up to a maximum of 30.

How many PDUs Can I claim for giving a presentation? ›

You'll have to keep copies of the publications or training materials for audit purposes and you can claim 1 PDU per hour spent creating content. Project managers have to give presentations all the time, and you might have the opportunity to speak about project management in a formal setting.

How do I renew my 60 PDUs PMP renewal? ›

The most effective way to earn 60 PDUs at ease is to register an online course with self-paced learning. Many courses are audio or video-based training which you can learn at your own pace anytime and anywhere. After these courses, you can claim PDUs immediately without any hidden fees.

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