Bid Goodbye To Back Pain With These Yoga Asanas! (2023)

Bid Goodbye To Back Pain With These Yoga Asanas! (1)


The resilience of our society is marvelous. When the pandemic rose, we adapted to working from home to carry on with our careers or we found new careers online. Working at our homes felt breezy and laid back until it gave rise to other problems such as demotivation, body stiffness and the most common of all, back pain. Backpains are experienced today by both young and old, both. So, let’s become resilient again and strive to eradicate back pains at the comfort of our homes. Yoga asanas are some of the most effective and time-efficient exercises that will help not just your body but your mind too. Let’s look at a few yoga asanas that will make you forget that you ever dealt with back pain.

Back Pain And Its Causes
Cat-Cow Pose

Back Pain And Its Causes

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As mentioned earlier, backaches have gotten worse since the pandemic. The most common causes are bad posture and sitting in one position for hours. Other causes are muscle strain, bulging disk, arthritis. Lack of exercise, mental health problems and smoking increase back aches too. Back pains can range from slight muscle aches to brutally painful with stabbing and burning sensations. But it can be prevented if you maintain a good posture, rest enough and exercise well. If your back pain persists even after taking all the precautions, you must consult your doctor. To eradicate back pain at home yoga asanas can be of great help. Let us have a look at some of the easiest and beginner-friendly yoga asanas that you can perform at home without straining too much on your back.


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Makarasana is called the crocodile pose because it resembles a crocodile resting in the water. It is usually performed after a rigorous yoga practice. However, if your back starts giving you too much trouble, you can perform it at home in the middle of the day. It is the easiest and the most relaxing asana.

How To Perform:First, lie straight on your stomach. You can do it on a yoga mat or on the ground. Fold your hands and keep them in front of you. For the next step, rest your head on your arms. The last step is to completely let your body lose. Be in a deeply relaxed state. Maintain this position for 2-8 minutes.

Benefits:Makarasana elevates back pain because it helps in relaxing the shoulders and spine. It allows the spine to be in its normal shape. Due to this, the tension is released from its nerves. Apart from back pain, this asana helps in controlling blood pressure, stress and insomnia.

Tip:Do not perform Makarasana while on a full stomach.


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Shalabhasana is known as locust or grasshopper pose. Of all the poses, this is the most helpful for back pain.

How To Perform:To perform this asana, lie down on your stomach. Place your hands underneath or on your thighs. Keep your chin lying on the ground. Next, lift your right leg up. Keep the leg up for 20 seconds before bringing it down. Repeat the same with your left leg. Finally, bring both your legs up. Be in this position for 20 to 30 seconds. Then, slowly bring your legs down. Repeat the same 10 times for quick and effective results.

Benefits:Shalabhasana helps strengthen your spine. It stretches the spine which provides great flexibility. This asana increases blood flow and your muscles receive more oxygen and nutrition to grow. It makes your back strong and also straightens your posture. This is the most recommended asana for backaches. Back or spine injuries are prevented too.

Other benefits are improved digestion, reduces belly fat and improves the function of kidneys and lungs.

Tip:Focus on your breathing while you bring each leg up.


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Bhujangasana is also called the cobra pose. It provides a great stretch to your back, relaxing it quickly which leads to the pain being eased soon.

How To Perform - Lie on your stomach and make sure that your toes are flat on the floor. Rest your head on the floor. For the next step, lift your head, chest, abdomen and keep your navel on the floor. Pull your torso back and away from the floor with the help of your hands. Straighten your arm and curve your spine as much as possible. As you curve your spine, tilt your head backward and look upwards. Be in this position for 20 -25 seconds and keep breathing deeply. The last step is to slowly bring your back, chest and abdomen back on the ground. You can repeat this asana for 4-5 times.

Benefits - Bhujangasana relieves pain from the back, shoulder and neck. It also straightens your back and shoulders, providing great flexibility. Other benefits of this asana are that it reduces stress, improves blood circulation and increases concentration. It is also useful for those suffering from asthma.

Tip:Do not overstretch your back. If you do so, you might increase your pain rather than eradicate it.


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While performing Dhanurasana, your body creates an arc that resembles a bow, which is why it is called a bow pose. The philosophy of this asana is that one finds determination and consistency within themselves while in this asana. However, it is not a beginner-friendly asana and requires practice and flexibility to perform it. The primary focus of this asana is the spine and providing flexibility and strengthening to it.

How To Perform:The first step is to lie on your back with your arms on the side. Next, bend your knees and take your hands behind you to hold your ankles. Pull your chest from the ground and pull your legs up. Your body now looks like an arc. Focus on your breathing while keeping this position steady. Be in this position for 20 seconds. Lastly, release your ankles and gently bring your legs and hands back to the ground and relax.

Benefits:Dhanurasana is very effective in eradicating back pain. It bends the back and provides a strong stretch, which is very healing for back pain.

Other benefits are that it helps in menstrual cramps, strengthening leg muscles and abdominal muscles.

Tip:For beginners, you can tie a cloth on your ankles and hold it while creating an arc with your body, to get habitual with flexibility.

Cat-Cow Pose

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Marjaryasana is called cat pose and Bitilasana is called cow pose. When combined together, it is called Chakravakasana. It is mainly performed to eradicate back pain. It is beginner-friendly so you can perform it at home to take a break from work.

How To Perform:Come down on your knees and hands. First, perform the cow pose. To do so, lower your belly towards the ground. Raise your chin and chest upwards. Widen your shoulder blades and move your shoulders away from your ears. Next, practice the cat pose. Move your belly to the spine and make your round and push it upwards. It should look like a cat stretching its back. Bend your head down, near your chest. Lastly, inhale and come into a cow pose, then exhale and go back to the cat pose. Repeat this 10-20 times.

Benefits:The main motive of this asana is to ease your back pain. Different benefits are keeping reproductive organs fit, beneficial during pregnancy, and helping with digestion.

Tip:Avoid poses where you have to forward bend. Forward bend causes back pain.


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Q. Can Yoga cure back pain?

A.Yes, yoga can cure back pain. Most yoga asanas deal with stretching your body and your spine. Once your back receives a fine stretch, the stress and stiffness are relieved, making your back relaxed and easing your pain. However, if the pain persists even after several yoga practices, consult a physician.

Q. What is the best time to do yoga for back pain?

A.The answer lies in your preference. However, to perform simple asanas you can take a few minutes from the day to perform it. You can perform while you’re on a work break or while you’re stressed out and stiff from work. However, if you’re performing asanas before bed, make sure that you perform relaxing asanas.

Q. Which yoga asanas to avoid for back pain?

A.Asanas that are not suitable for back pain can worsen your pain. There are several asanas you should not perform which are Paripurna Navasana, Mountain pose. Avoid twists in yoga practices because twists can be harmful to your back pain.

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